About Liz

Having spent most of my professional life working in Tokyo, I strive to experience the 'road less traveled.' Now living in one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, my aversion to tourist traps is sometimes hard to accomodate - yet, it has been all the more fun and challenging to dig deeper to find the perfect Parisian spots that fulfill the needs and expectations of my clients.

While assembling my 36-hour itineraries, I have refrained from researching too much online on the current 'hot spots' - but instead, prefer to stumble upon on hidden gems while spending hours on weekends getting lost in different neighborhoods. Or picking the brains of some Parisian friends who are kind enough to give me their recommendations.

It is a never ending journey as Paris is a city that is constantly changing and evolving.

But rest be assured – it is my utmost pleasure to taste test the city before your arrival to curate a most exhilarating itinerary for your quick trip to Paris.